Our solution is very innovative for the smart use of existing technologies and concepts.

Machine learning

To get the best possible match on the basis of the users’ needs and demands.

Trust score

Generated by peer evaluations.

Track record of transactions

Online ledger with blockchain-like function, recording transactions only when they are confirmed by both sides (giver and receiver) and the system

Transactions sums

On each category at users’ profiles and only visible if the giving user allows.

Campaigns Creation

Grouping listings and managing users, including deadlines and final reports.

Location and transport details

Facilitate the exchange of material goods.

Personalized news feed

General statistics and smart analysis from the data to inspire solidarity and gratitude. Posts, articles and news published by users.

Organizations Profiles

For nonprofits, businesses, and governments.

Mobile apps

For Android and IOS (after performing a pentest to tighten the app security)

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